Updates/Dharma Life

·         Please note that this placement drive is only applicable to CPC – members
·         Students who attend the Pre placment will only be allowed to participate in the placement process
·         Students are requested to be on time – 8.45 am – at Bhabha Hall/NC/5th Floor
·         Once the room doors are closed , no entry will  be permitted
·         Students have to be professionally attired
·         Please refrain from wearing casual shoes and flip flops
·         Kindly carry 2 copies of your resume – in a folder along with a pen
·         Please research on the said company- and read the  JD
·         In case of queries – please wait till the end of the interactive  process
·         Students participating in the process – are requested to assemble and be available in the said location at all times
·         Incase the student has to leave the hall for any purpose , he has to inform the CPC – Logistics Intern Ms Mala – who will take a note of it on the attendance sheet. However it is the students responsibilty to come back on time or get his class mates to call him. CPC volunteers, Members , or employees will not be responsible for calling and informing individual students
·         If a student leaves and misses his turn in the GD or interview it will be the students responsibility and his requests will not be entertained
·         The decision of the organisation is final
·         If at any point the student wishes to withdraw  from a process – he has to inform Ms.  Sonal Darke & Leela Banerjee via an email (sonal.darke@tiss.edu & leela.banerjee@tiss.edu). If he /she does not inform and is selected , then the student will be deemed placed and will not be eligible for any other placements (CPC)
·         Please keep your mobiles on silent.
·         Kindly visit – tisscpc.wordpress/Policy and guidelines for more exhaustive information
·         As the process is dynamic and the DH timings are fixed we will try to organise the lunch hour between 1- 2 pm
·         Any changes in the process,  venue and timings will be at the discretion of the organisation and CPC , we shall endevour to inform any changes at the earliest.
·         Students are requested to attend the entire ppt – and not walk out in the middle of the session, such incidents reflective negatively and convey an unprofessional behaviour

All The Best-CPC Team