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  1. says:

    Throughout the Campus Placement process your tirelessly efforts helps students to secure their job and to fulfill students and parents wishes. I give you very all the best for your future process too.

    Thank You 🙂

    Ritesh Shende


  2. tisscpc says:

    Thank you Ritesh. 🙂


  3. Shivansh Rachit says:

    I would request you please hunt for the opportunities where freshers can apply. Posting job offers experienced professionals can be done by any online job portals. There are many fresher who still remains unplaced even after completing their studies in TISS or might be looking for better position of their interest with 4-6 months of experience. If you can do something for the larger mass of fresher students then it would be really helpful.
    Plz note that there are still many students with almost no experience looking CPC website in search of opportunities where they can even think if to apply. But when they go through the JD’s , it leaves them with even more hopelessness. I believe CPC will strive for fresher to help them with there careers.


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