FAQ’s for Organizations

1. What are the various ways of recruiting students?
A student can be recruited for:
a) A two month full-time summer internship(Summer Placements
b) Entry level full-time roles (Final Placements)

2. When is the placement program conducted?
The summer internship placements are typically held in October/November, while final placements are conducted in December.

3. Where can I get the placement brochure?
The placement brochure, incorporating the students’ profiles is available for download at the following link

4. What are the typical steps in the recruitment process?
 Communicate your interest to the Centralised Placement Cell via email. You can contact us on cpc@tiss.edu
 Finalise a recruitment slot (day and date during the campus placement week)
 Provide a Corporate Presentation (Pre-Placement Talk)
 Conducting Placement process on campus(Written tests, Group Discussion ,Personal Interview)
 Provide a Selection list to the Career Planning and Development Cell
 Provide selected students offer letters

5. What information is expected in a Corporate Presentation/Brochure?
The information students expect in a Corporate Presentation/Brochure are
 Profile of the company
 Profile of the role offered
 Location where the student shall be posted
 Compensation offered

6. Do you recommend any resumes/students to visiting organizations?
In interest of fairness of evaluation of student’s’ candidature, the Placement Office does not recommend any resumes/ students to organizations.

7. What facilities are available on campus for a presentation/placement process?
The campus is well equipped with modern infrastructure to facilitate a smooth placement process. The following can also be arranged for your specific needs.
 Projection facilities
 Presentation halls
 Skype Call

8. Can an organization conduct the placement process off-campus?
Off-campus placement process is not generally not encouraged. However ,please consult with CPC team for any further clarifications.

9. What are the various ways I can recruit remotely?
In cases where you are unable to come down to the campus, the entire recruitment process can be conducted through Skype Call.

10. When will students be available for summer internship?
The summer internship is scheduled from second week of April to mid June. Students are available for a minimum of 8 weeks to a maximum of 10 weeks for summer internships.

11. Is there a fee for Campus Placement?
We encourage a contribution of Rs 5000/- towards infrastructure and hospitality services. However this a voluntary proposition.

12. How well is the campus equipped for conducting presentations and the placement process?
The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art communication (WiFi enabled), Computing and presentation facilities, telecommunication facilities for teleconferencing and video-conferencing and as well as multimedia and projection facilities. Conference rooms, Presentation rooms are arranged as per requirements.

13.What steps need to be followed in the placement process?
The steps that you need to follow are:
1. Communicate your interest in being a part of the placement process to the Placement Committee.
2. Pre-placement presentation
3. Submission of Resume/Applications by the students
4. Shortlisting of candidates
5. Interviews
6.Final offers