Brochures/Students Profile

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School of Social Work 2015-17

  • M.A. Social Work in Criminology and Justice
  • M.A. Social Work with Children and Families
  • M.A. Social Work in Community Organisation and Development Practice
  • M.A. Social Work in Disability Studies and Action
  • M.A. Social Work in Public Health
  • M.A. Social Work in Mental Health
  • M.A. Social Work in Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship
  • M.A. Social Work in Women Centred Practice
  • M.A. Social Work in Dalit and Tribal Studies and Action

School of Habitat Studies 2015-17

  • M.A./ M. Sc. Climate Change and Sustainability Studies
  • M.A./ M. Sc.Regulatory Governance
  • M.A./ M. Sc.  Urban Policy & Governance
  • M.A./ M. Sc. Water Policy and Governance

School of Human Ecology 2015

  • M.A. Applied Psychology with Specialisation in Clinical Psychology
  • M.A. Applied Psychology with Specialisation in Counselling Psychology

School of Management and Labour Studies-Social Entrepreneurship 2015-17

  • M. A. Globalisation and Labour
  • M.A Social Entrepreneurship

School of Development Studies 2015-17

  • M.A. Development Studies
  • M.A. Women’s Studies

School of Disaster Management 2015-17

  • M.A/M.Sc. Disaster Management

The Centre for Library and Information Management Studies

  • Master of Library & Information Science

School of Law, Rights and Constitutional Governance

  • Master Of Law (LL.M) in Access to Justice

School of Media and Cultural Studies

  • M.A Media and Cultural Studies

School of Education

  • M.A In Elementary Education