15012018/ The Akanksha Foundation/ Multiple Positions

Dear Students,

We are pleased to inform you that The Akanksha Foundation will be coming to campus on 15th January 2018, Monday.

The JDs for the positions are attached below:-

  1. Akanksha_FoundationJD NSS_December 2017
  2. Akanksha_Foundation_TeacherJD_December 2017
  3. Akanksha_Foundation_JD_Sr Associate R_A_Nov 2017
  4. Akanksha_Foundation_JD_Senior Associate Communication_Dec2017
  5. Akanksha_Foundation_JD_December 2017School Leader
  6. Akanksha_Foundation_JD_Manager, Communications _ December 2017
  7. Akanksha_Foundation_JD_December 2017ASL
  8. Akanksha_Foundation_JD_December 2017 Founder School Leader
  9. Akanksha_Foundation_JD_December 2017 Founder School Leader
  10. Akanksha_Foundation_JD_Associate Donor Relations_Dec 2017
  11. Akanksha_Foundation_JD SM, ASE_December 2017
  12. Akanksha_Foundation_JD Senior Manager, Technology_December 2017
  13. Akanksha_Foundation_JD NST Tech specialist_December 2017
  14. Akanksha_Foundation_Founder TeacherJD_December 2017
  15. Akanksha_Foundatio_Manager Impact_December 2017

On 15th January 2018 only the pre-placement talk will be conducted.


  • We are facilitating a pre-placement talk on 15th January 2018.
  • Students who find any of the above Job Descriptions relevant are encouraged to attend the same.
  • Job Vacancies will be opened post the PPT, students can apply for the relevant roles at that point of time and fill up the EOI form.
  • The CV Upload portal will be open for applications for a period of 5 days, students will receive a wordpress notification about the same.
  • All of the above positions are open to all students.
  • Depending on the Job role the placement process will be conducted on campus or off campus.
  • The Placement Process will differ depending on the Job Role, the same will be updated on the website.

Venue – Room no. 7

Time – 10 am

Datae – 15th January 2018, Monday.