Organisations Visiting /Campus/Program Selection/Dharma Life

In the last few hours – we have received innumerable mails and calls wrt to Dharma – Life Placement – Program Choices from various Schools and Individual Programs

I would like to clarify that – @ CDFC – each program is represented equally and the endeavor of this office is to create a common platform for all programs.

Organisations are briefed about the strengths of the programs and the organization decide on the programs they would like to interact with based on the organization mandate.

We facilitate selection processes wherein an organization shares a mandate of 3 or more programmes.

Kindly note – the selection of the programs is the mandate of the organization. The CDFC office and the elected members do their best to convince opening it to the larger talent pool.

We are also in conversation with Dharma Life to consider a larger talent pool. Please be rest assured that – we will do our best to influence the organization