Call for interest/Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development

We are pleased to share the Vacancy at Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD)

Last date for registration 25th April, 10:00 am. No late entries will be admissible.

Organization Name: Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD)

Job Title: Project Coordinator

No.of Position: 1

Location: Mithapur, Gujarat

Compensation: 4 lakhs – 5.5 lakhs p.a

Job Type: Contractual

Duration of Contract: 12 months (renewable on mutual basis & performance)

Job Description Role:

To facilitate social mobilization, guide SHG groups, manage SHG based cluster enterprise and skill development

Required Skills:
1. Mobilize community towards participatory mode
2. Management & monitor SHG and Federation
3. Capacity Building of SHG towards participative inclusive social development
4. Promote & manage SHG based women enterprise and community based non farm livelihood initiatives
5. Facilitate new marketing strategy for rural enterprise
6. Facilitate youth skill development through in-house training centers and external partners
7. Liaison with partner agencies and Government departments as per project requirement
8. Facilitate capacity building programs of field staff as per project requirement and training needs
9. Continuously interact with community and identify their needs.
10. Undertake field action research as required
11. Identify, plan & implement capacity building training as per needs of community based on TNA
12. Mobilize & motivate the communities for participation and involvement in project implementation
13. Set up monitoring processes and document the same
14. Facilitate project field staff with necessary inputs and support
15. Maintain all the records and data related to the project
16. Keep the management updated with the project status on monthly basis or as required
17. Manage project budget and track timelines
18. Manage team and team dynamics

Requisite Experience:
1. Hands on combined knowledge & experience of Social Development & Rural SHG Enterprise Development
2. Working with Log Frame Matrix / RBM
3. Proficiency in reporting & presentation in articulative formats
4. Data Analysis and monitoring
5. Project Financial Management
6. MS Office
7. Fluency in English & Hindi. Fluency or ability to speak in Gujarati language will be good, though not mandatory
8. A team player and leader with clear understanding of rural dynamics

To register:

  1. Fill the form Click Here
  2. Upload your CV Click Here (Please upload CV without contact details)

Open to all school

Preferred Students: Experience above 1 year


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