CPC/Job-off campus/WLP International/Researcher/10 Aril 2016


We are pleased to share the details of the Vacancy at Women’s Learning Partnership for Rights, Development, and Peace (WLP)

Job Titles: Researcher: Family Law Reform to Challenge Gender-Based Violence

Work expected

Each case study, employing a gender perspective, is expected to,

(i) analyze reform initiatives of discriminatory laws and their outcomes,

(ii) lessons learned, i.e. what worked and didn’t work within the particular country experience and why?,

(iii) propose further action for effective strategies for change and

(iv) document the link between discriminatory family laws and violence against women, while at the same time drawing on the relevant articles of the penal code and any other legislation.

In this respect, each researcher will undertake an annotated review of relevant literature with respect to the country concerned; develop a research design, elaborating its methodology, data collection techniques and work plan; undertake research accordingly; and provide a final report of approximately 12,000-15,000 words in addition to a bibliography and any relevant appendices on the outcome of the research and recommendations. The researcher will also organize, in collaboration with the WLP partner organization, a national workshop in which the researcher and experts in the field will analyze the results of the case study and make recommendations for a global strategy on law reform.

The working language, i.e. all communication and research outputs, reports etc., will be in English. Specific activities to be undertaken include:

  1. review available literature, documents and any written information on the topic and compile an annotated list (to overcome repetition WLP will make available to the researcher a review of literature it has already compiled on the subject)
  2. identify the link between family laws and violence against women; specify indicators and methods used
  3.  analyze reform initiatives over the past 30 years in discriminatory laws; background of the reform – motivation, i.e. what led to the reform / actors involved / the process; positive and negative outcomes
  4. analyze the implementation of the amended legal provisions and its impact on violence against women
  5. write a comprehensive analysis of the review of family law, including relevant penal code provisions, reform initiatives and implementation, including lessons learned from the particular country experience for an effective family law reform strategy globally
  6. dialogue with WLP country partner and between the various country research teams throughout the duration of the project as deemed necessary
  7. coordinate, in collaboration with the WLP partner organization, a national workshop to analyze the outcomes of the case study and make recommendations for a global strategy on law reform.


Interested candidates are requested to submit their CV, letter of interest, names of three professional references, and a writing sample in English to wlp@learningpartnership.org.

As it is an off-campus, students are advised, if shortlisted, kindly make their own arrangements.


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