CPC/Job off-campus/Apnalaya/Deputy Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation/2 April 2016


We are pleased to share the details of the Vacancy at Apnalaya.

Organization Name: Apnalaya

Job Title:  Deputy Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation

Location: Govandi

I. Overall Deliverables
The Deputy Manager, M&E, regularly monitors programs undertaken by the Organization. She/he oversees the development of CMIS and ensures that it functions effectively.
She/he manages partnership for development and functioning of MIS and research
She/he ensures data accuracy, timeliness, handholds program staff and troubleshoots whenever necessary
She/he does preliminary analysis and periodically prepares analytical reports/insights to flag issues to program and showcase program trends

II. Specific deliverables
The Deputy Manager, M&E,
1. Develops formats and tools for recording, reporting, review of programs
2. Manages CMIS, ensure regular data collection, uploading and reporting by the program teams
3. Trains the designated staff in the field on data collection, understanding of formats and tools, recording and reporting methods
4. Works with program teams to ensure regular collection and reporting of data as well as ensuring quality of data
5. Analyses reported data, and suggests corrective measures
6. Shares analysis with programs to flag issues and program trends to inform organizational decision making and program improvement
7. Shares M&E feedback with the field staff
8. Travels regularly to the field to understand the programs better

III. Organizational responsibilities
The Deputy Manager, M&E,
1. Contributes to the Annual Work Plans developed by Program Heads
2. Contributes to Mid-year and Annual Reviews
3. Contributes to organizational showcasing of its work; shares material for website and social media
4. Hold organizational values and work ethics

IV. Required Qualifications and Skills
1. Post Graduate Degree, preferably, with Statistics as a major subject
2. Overall experience of 3 years in M&E. Must be able to develop tools, records and reports and track data over a multi-year period
3. Must have a good knowledge of basic statistical tools like, SPSS, STATA
4. Good communication in Hindi and working knowledge skills in English

To Apply: Please mail you CVs to prarthana.karekar(at)gmail.com  by 2nd April2016

As it is an off-campus, students are advised, if shortlisted, kindly make your own arrangements.


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