Skin4gadget is the potential leader in consumer personalization for electronic devices. Our online ordering and customization tools allow you personalize thousands of devices. Make your cell phone, MP3 player, laptop, PDA device, camera, or gaming device as unique as you are.

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship:

  • Handling Customer queries.
  • Leading a team of people who enter products & description on the site.
  • Managing the vendors.
  • Stock update on site and Excel.
  • Creating the process from scratch for brand registration as well as new product management
  • Work on bringing efficiencies in the logistics processes.
  • Work on various aspects of packaging, design etc.
  • Work on various aspects of supply chain management and partnering with relevant partners.
  • Interacting with the brands on various aspects through mails.
  • Tracking information from brands

For further details Click Here

To apply: Send your CV to


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