LinHealth-ICC Lowe

LinHealth | ICC Lowe offers healthcare communication for the entire medical fraternity – doctors, patients and caregivers. The division aims at refining brand plans to take them into the healthcare space, and identify need gaps which a brand can then fulfil. LinHealth | ICC Lowe has a deep understanding of the target audience and their medical-educational needs, thus helping brands fulfil needs involving consumers. The division specializes in developing long-standing, far-reaching programs in association with its clients, to enhance brand credibility among consumers.

Roles for the Intern: As E2PIC (Energetic, Enthusiastic, Productive, Intelligent and curious) you will work with an innovative company and help in conducting the in-depth research work and analysis.

We want to offer an opportunity to you  to participate in the field research program. This program aims at providing a 6-week internship program (part/full time)to undergraduate students, which will help them to explore the marketing research as a career option.

For more information on the company Click Here

For further details Click Here

To apply please forward your CV to


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